In Vitro fertilization IVF

fecundación in vitro precio

What is it?

In Vitro Fertilization is a method of assisted reproduction in which the union of egg – sperm is performed outside of the uterine horn, in laboratory conditions, simulating the natural conditions of it. The embryos obtained were transferred to the uterus where it will implant and develop.

Steps for the process of fertilization in vitro

  • Ovarian stimulation to promote the growth of multiple eggs in the ovary.
  • Follow-up ultrasound and hormonal to determine the precise moment to induce ovulation.
  • Use of in vitro techniques to facilitate the union of egg and sperm, and encourage the development embryonic initial.
  • Transfer of the best embryos to the uterus of a female. The embryos remaining, that meet the strict criteria of quality after transfer can be preserved by Vitrification techniques embryonic.

Indications for in vitro fertilization

  • Bilateral obstruction of fallopian
  • Endometriosis
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Infertility associated factor. severe male.
  • Problems ovulatory difficult to manage with conventional treatments.
  • Combination of causes of subfertility.
  • Failure repeated treatments of low complexity.

Success in in vitro fertilization

The possibility of success of In Vitro Fertilization depends on a variety of factors, of which age is the most important. Other associated factors include body weight, history of previous pregnancies, number of IVF cycles previous, the presence of hidrosálpinx, toxic habits, stress, infections, genital or systemic, hormone levels and quality of eggs and sperm among others. The success rate ranges between 35 and 60 %, depending on the individual characteristics of each partner.

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