Management of habitual abortion

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The loss recurrent pregnancy is defined by the presentation of two or more losses before 24 weeks of gestation. Although approximately 25% of all pregnancies known to end in miscarriage, less than 5% of women have two miscarriages, and only 1% experience three or more.
Couples who have submitted loss recurrent pregnancy may benefit from a medical evaluation by an expert, and psychological support.

Causes of recurrent spontaneous abortion

Genetic alterations constructed the main cause of recurrent spontaneous abortion. They may be inherited or due to chromosomal alterations randomly generated in the embryo.

The possibility of occurrence of a miscarriage increases with the age of the woman. After 40 years, more than a third of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, due to most cases with abnormalities in the chromosomes.

Factors endocrinological such as diabetes, insulin resistance, polycystic ovary syndrome.

Alterations in the anomaly of the uterus are also associated with abortion repetition. There are several diagnostic tests that allows you to rule out this type of alterations and suggest the best treatment in case of being necessary.

Immune disorders and coagulation have also been linked to abortion repetition. The antibody syndrome antifoslipidos duty to be studied in this context and in the case of a confirmed start the respective treatment.

Each time more data siguieren that the alteration of the DNA integrity of the sperm, can affect the development of the embryo and, possibly, increase the risk of a miscarriage, as the case may be it may be necessary to perform additional studies at the man, before attempting a new pregnancy.

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