Diagnostic tests

Clinica especializada en el manejo de Endometriosis

Ecografía pélvica de mapeo de endometriosis


Tests diagnosis

Diagnostic exam

Test of sperm capacitation


Diagnostic exam

Testing sperm functional and immunological

FISH sperm: Is a laboratory technique that allows the study of the genetic material of the sperm, is performed in certain patients who presented... see more

Tratamientos de Fertilidad



For that to happen the fertilization of the egg and subsequent development of an embryo, the head of the sperm cell must pass through the wall of the egg. Alterations in sperm can make this task is not possible.Intracytoplasmic injection of the... see more


Intrauterine insemination

The freezing of the embryo has been used for many years, however, the results obtained with conventional techniques of freezing were bad, with very low pregnancy rates. It was identified that the formation of crystals in the interior of the embryo was the... see more

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